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Lovely website. My parents were both born in Bay Ridge. My father, Paul Johnson, was a twin (Carl Johnson) and lived at 1117 Bay Ridge Parkway and was Swedish. My Mother, Lois Johnson, lived at 56 Street,between 5th and 6th Avenue, and is Norweigan. We often drive through the old neighborhood and still go to Leske's Bakery for kringle.
Barbara Johnson (
Lancaster, Pa USA -

The northern New Hampshire city of Berlin has a sizable Scandinavian community. The oldest ski club in the US still in exitence is our Nansen Ski Club, named for Fritzof Nansen. There is a section of the city called "Norwegian Village." One of our former residents is currently compiling where all the Norwegians came from in the old country. He calls it the "Norway to Berlin Project." The Berlin & Coos County Historical Society is proud to be helping him by finding and sending along all the vital statistics. Frederickstad, Christiania, and Toten figure prominently. The first Scandinavians came to Berlin in 1854, so you can see they have been here a long time. They came to, mostly, work as lumberjacks and in the sawmills and papermills. St. Paul Lutheran Church lies in the heart of "Norwegian Village' and is still very active. When all the Scandinavians {Swedes and Danes, too) have been sorted out by families, a copy will be sent to the East Coast Scandinavian Museum. This should be in a year or two. A book with photos is planned for publication. Will keep you posted. Thank you for all the good work you do. Berlin & Coos County Historical Society
Jacklyn Nadeau
Berlin, NH USA -

Oh my! You are all so young! I was born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in 1928! We lived on 50th Street between 4th and 5th Aves. My grandfather was a Sandy Hook Pilot, as were my uncle and cousin. My father was a sound engineer with Loew's State Theater in Manhattan. Shortly after they were married, Grandpa gave Grandma one of the first ten brownstones built on the block. We lived there until during the war, when we left for Poughkeepsie. I was confirmed and sang in the choir at The Church of the Good Shepherd. Even taught Sunday School for a while. I went to Shore Road Academy, Fort Hamilton High School and Packer Collegiate Institute (on Joralemon Street). The Salvation Army used to come and sing hymns on the corner at 50th St. and 5th Ave. We'd sit on the stoop and listen. Our milk was delivered by horse-drawn wagon and the horse knew just when to stop, start and walk ahead slowly. When my mother was young, she took a dare to steal the milkman's horse and wagon. Needless to say, the horse had better things to do than obey the wishes of a young girl! Christmas in "50th St" was to be remembered forever. To this day, I have a Christmas to make my grandmother proud! At least proud of my efforts to keep traditions alive. I am 100% Norwegian, even though I was born in this country. This is a great site. A friend on the Norway List sent me to it. Tusen takk, Joan Høiness Bouchelle (Dusty)
Joan Høiness Bouchelle
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA -

Nice website. We hawe 8th avenue at Lista .You can wisit on and pleace sign the guestbook. See you in Brooklyn on Leiv Eriksen day. Olav Espeland
Olav Espeland
Spind, Norge -

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It feels so good to hear Scandinavian names and see the names of churches that were so important in our lives. I wa born in Brooklyn in '46; my grandfather Julius Selliken apprenticed with Kartevold the watchmaker in Bergen. He emigrated about 1900 and had a jewellery/watchmaker's shop on Fifth Ave; he retired around 1950. He was a secretary with the Scandinavian American Businessmen's Association, which I believe was part of establishing the Norwegian Children's Home. My grandmother's family came from Romsdal/Alesund, and my other grandparents were Swedish. I grew up in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at 75th and 4th Ave, went to PS 127, 259, Fort Hamilton High and Brooklyn College. My husband, four sons and I live in western Canada, but my Mom and sister are still in Brooklyn. Do you remember when you could eavesdrop on multiple conversations being conducted in Norsk on 5th ave, and how good the Norsk delicatessens smelled? Hilsen fra Canada!
Lois Selliken Johnson McMahon
Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada -

What a great idea. Had a great time growing up in Brooklyn with many good times. Now everyone seems to be scattered to the four winds. God bless you all!!
Paul R, Lund
Cleveland, OH USA -

Dr. Bjarne Gabrielsen
Frederick, MD USA -

Hello again! Does anyone recall the exact location of the Norwegian Seamens Church when it was in Brooklyn? Was it on 1st Place? I found so many interesting tidbits in the guestbook. Since some of the events listed (the 17th of May parade date, for instance) are not current, so it would be helpful if messages included the date submitted. Regards, Astri
Astri Bronn
Astoria, NY USA -

3/23/05 I found your website when referred to the link. What a discovery! My inquiry started because I wanted to know when the 17th of May parade will be held this year in Bay Ridge. Is it correct that the Viking Fest will take place on Saturday, May 14th and the 17 mai parade will be the following day, both in Bay Ridge?... I read the various messages on your website and was delighted to see a posting from Pat Svalland, whom I met again (along with her husband, Gunnar), after 50 years, at our FHHS 50th reunion at Fort Hamilton... Currently I am a member of the American Scandinavian Foundation at 58 Park Avenue in Manhattan. Their website is: I visit all their art exhibits as well as their annual Christmas gift fair. I also drop in on the Norwegian Seamen's Church at 317 E. 52nd Street, Manhattan, for coffee, Norwegian waffles, and exhibits by Norwegian artists in their Trygve Lie Gallery. On February 27th I was thrilled to attend their celebration of a Century of Norwegian Independence with Their Majesties King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway as honored guests...Another great website is, which lists current events, exhibits, etc. Please let me know about the 17th mai parade. I can be reached at Regards og hilsen......Astri
Astri Bronn
Astoria, NY USA -

What a wonderful website. I am a "Midwest" Scandinavian who has lived in New York for ten years. I went to St. Olaf college and have a deep attachment to my Scandinavian roots (I speak Norwegian). While looking for Norwegian shops in Brooklyn, I found your site. Please send me more imformation about your organization....I would love to be a part of it.
Heather Johnson
Manhattan, ny usa -

Hi, I was born in Brooklyn in 1960 and lived there until I was 11. We moved back to Norway, but my heart has always remained in Brooklyn. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Bergen writing my MA thesis on the Norwegian-American community in Brooklyn and its role in keeping the Seamen's church alive during the 50s 60s and 70s. Thank you, Victoria, for all your help along the, I am interested in getting in touch with anyone who has memories they would like to share about living in Brooklyn during this period, maybe you attended the Seamen's church (even just for social functions), maybe you have had stories passed on to you by grandparents or parents, all information is valuable and will be greatly appreciated. If you know of anyone who might have an interesting story to tell please give them my address: or Vivian Aalborg Worley Bjoroytoppen 5177 Bjoroyhamn, NORWAY Please dont hesitate to get in touch! regards, Vivian
Vivian Aalborg Worley
Bergen, Norway -

Good to see all the Lund kids made it to the guest book! Having moved out to Minneapolis in 1979, I've never had to travel very far to get back in touch with my Scandinavian roots! Ya! You betcha! Great website sis!
Michelle Laudert nee Lund
Minneapolis, MN US of A -

Was born in 1951 and lived on 57th Street between 8th and 9th avenue. Have many wonderful memories of family and my Norwegian heritage and all the 17 Mai parades with my family. This is a wonderful site.
Staten Island, NY -

Seeking information on Gunda Fidje Syrdahl Benson who lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn until the 1970s - how would I find out when and how she came to the US? Mange takk.
Lois Berseth
Brooklyn, NY USA -

Hi again! I am still searching for information about my great-grandfather Bjarne Martin Høgenæs(Hogenes/Haugenes/Haugner) who died in Brooklyn during WWII. Recently I discovered that he lived at no. 270 40th Street in Brooklyn (near 3rd Avenue?), and I am wondering if there is somebody who would remember him or have any information about that address? He was born 21st June 1891 in Haugesund, and was in the Norwegian merchant navy at the beginning of WWII. Bjarne disembarked in NY from S/S Heimgar 28th July 1941 due to illness. Sadly he died 18th December 1942 at the Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, and was buried in the Seamans Grounds at the Evergreen Cemetery in Brooklyn on the 21st December 1942. I am very interested in any information anybody may have about Bjarne and his time in Brooklyn. Please email me at if you can help with information. Tusen takk for hjelpen! Eystein
London, UK -

I enjoyed the reminiscing of the stores along 8th Ave having lived there from 1953 till 1982. Great job.
John Myhrer

Great site. Hope to visit soon.
Sarah (Terjesen) & James Shea
Flushing, NY USA -

After a short time of technical difficulty, the Guestbook seems to be working again, so please feel free to leave us your comments. Thanks!
Jackie Lund
Brooklyn, NY USA -

I was very happy to see the scandia site. I continues to look for more clues to my heritage. Yes, I did grow up with my own parents, but the backround was sketchy, as I only recently found out my grandfather was Danish. My mother's father came to Ny very young and disappeared saying he would look for work and send for family in Norway. My fathers backround is Scottish. I went to Zion Lutheran Church, lived on 59th st. between 3rd and 4th-then moved to 56th between 4th and 5th. I also attended p s 140-My youngest brother JIMMY went to The lutheran school on Ovington ave. For anyone who Knew JIMMY who ran away at the age of fifteen, he returned when he was 23, after living in Connecticut, safe and sound. Kids!!! I owuld love to have pictures of Zion and Brooklyn brownstones.
Nancy McPhail
York, Pa. USA -

Having lived on 57 ST. just above Eighth Avenue for over thirty years its great to see such interest in a neighborhood that has changed so much in the last ten years. Lets keep the memories alive.
Bill Schultz
Brick, NJ USA -

Wow, such a flood of good memories taking the tour of 8th Avenue. Great site for those of us from that area and era.
David Lund
Staten Island, NY -

First of all, congratulations on a great web-site! I am searching for information about my great-grandfather Bjarne Martin H?gen?s(Hogenes/Haugenes/Haugner) born 21st June 1891 in Haugesund. He was in the Norwegian merchant navy at the beginning of WWII. Bjarne disembarked in NY from S/S Heimgar 28th July 1941 due to illness. Also, I believe he knew a person called A. Koepsel at 6908 Eight Avenue Brooklyn 11228 NY. Sadly Bjarne died 18th December 1942 at the Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, and was buried in the Seamans Grounds at the Evergreen Cemetery in Brooklyn on the 21st December 1942. This summer we visited NY and were fortunate enough to find his grave there. I am very interested in any information anybody may have about Bjarne and his time in Brooklyn. Please email me at if you can help with information. Tusen takk for hjelpen! Eystein
Eystein Eikesdal
London, England -

Det er hyggelig at mange skriver i gjesteboken,men det er for galt at ingen skriver NORSK.Hold paa med det gode arbeidet som dere er i gang med.Jeg sitter i NORGE og leser i boken deres hver uke.Er spent paa nye navn.
Walter Willumsen
Lyngdal, Norway -

Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has any info about a swedish bakery that used to operate in Brooklyn, owned by the the Lundquist family. Any information would be helpful -- where it was located, when it closed, memories of the bakery, items they had for sale, memories of the owners/workers, etc. Thank you -- reply to Jeremy at
Jeremy Lundquist
Milwaukee, WI USA -

Great site! In a way I'm conneced to Brooklyn as my grandfather moved there in 1920, and died there in '47 withouth ever coming home. My grandmother stayed back in Norway except when they married in 1923, and for two years from 1930 on. My father was never with her (he was born in 1920), and stayed back in Norway. My problem is, I know almost nothing about my grandfather. His name was Alfred Vinje, he had his mail sent to the Seamans Church, he worked as a licenced fireman at PS42 in Manhattan and that's about it. My father was 6 months old when my grandfather emigrated and he never saw his father again alive. There is very little digital info from NY, and when we visited NY in 1999 we had no time to visit Brooklyn or the municipal archives. So as you guess, all information about Brooklyn and the Scandinavian community is a great read. Keep up the good work, I'll come back regularly.
Roar Vinje
Trondheim, Norway -

You have done an outstanding job. This is a web site that you should be very proud of. It is obviously a labor of love on your part. I hope that your plans for a museum come to fruition.
Ira M. Kluger (Canarsie Historical Society)
Brooklyn, NY -

August 31, 2003 - We recently had a Norwegian visitor and brought her out to the new Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center to see the exhibit which had been at Ellis Island. We were pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it turned out after the renovation. The open gardens in the center of the buildings (it even has a small pond and waterfall) was especially beautiful. Congratulations to all who worked on this project.
Lois Berseth Hedlund
Brooklyn, NY USA -

I have just learned that my great-great grandfather John Platt was from Denmark. The 1880 US census lists him as living in Brooklyn and working as a lighterman (worked on the canal I believe). This was thrilling to me as my grandmother was Swedish and was raised in the Edenwald section of the Bronx and I have always been proud of my Scandinavian heritage, now I have reason to be twice as proud!I have not been able to find out where exactly in Brooklyn the Platt family lived, but I enjoyed learning about the scandinavian population in Brooklyn (who knew?)and I will continue my search!Next time I'm downstate, I will try to get to Brooklyn and check things out! Great site!
Darby O'Connor
Rochester, NY -

I am a blood relative of Bernt Balken my brotherand I would like to know if anyone has any information or stories regarding him as he is creating a small album for each of the family members.
Tracy Doucette <>
Colfax, WI United States -

It is really wonderful that someone has taken the time to keep a record of such an important part of all of our histories. By nature Scandinavians are not a people to make a lot of fuss over themselves, and without an effort such as the one being made here, it it quite likely that this part of our collective heritage would fade with our passing. Great work and please keep it up.
John Hansen <>

My grandfather, Einar Olsen came over to the states as a teenager and later settled down in Bay Ridge. My father, Richard was born there. I've been to see his old home, and the area has such an old NY type feel. I'm proud of my Norwegian heritage, and wish I could have learned more from my grandfather.
Sara Olsen <>
San Francisco, CA USA -


Great Site. I am a Norwegian American and so proud of it!!!!
Christine Corneliusen <>
New York, NY USA -

Was born in Sister Elizabeth Memorial Hospital in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in October, 1960 of Norwegian from Trondheim and mom from Kvinesdal. We were members of the 59th Street church and my older brother and I were folk dancers under Melvin Logan in the Norwegian Childrens Dance Society and walked in many of a May 17th parade. Norwegian was my first language and we didn't speak English in the house until we moved upstate when I was 9. Thanks for doing this.......its been a pleasure reading it and going down memory lane. Have many pictures to share if interested.
Mona Faggione <>
Greensboro, NC USA -

The guestbook is working again, thanks for your comments!
Jackie Lund

I was born in Brooklyn 1955 Went to 170 McKinley and Fort Hamilton High School.It's nice to see there are still some Norwegians out there. Brooklyn has changed a lot but you can sometimes still see some "squareheads " every now and then. My parents are still in Bay Ridge, we still go see the parade on the 17th. Not so big as it used to be when I marched in it with Zion. Take care
Lillian (Olsen) Bauer <>
Flushing , NY USA -

I've been living in NY now for five years (moved here all by myself after graduating from high school), and since then I've been looking for stores or delis that sell Swedish food and candy. I've been to IKEA and Scandia Foods on Manhattan, but I would like to know if anyone knows any other places I can get Scandinavian food. You can e-mail me at Oh, by the way, I like your site!
Annika S <>
Brooklyn, NY USA -

My girl friends daughter is trying to find information about Sigrid Larsen,born 1887,came to U.S. about 1905. Relatives Anette Webjornsen,Heesband Kristoffer Larsen.Some relative from Norway had called her.I never heard of her.If anyone has any info about Sigrid,please call Kari Ryan 203-655-0805. Thank you
Ellen Fjermedal <>
Brooklyn, NY USA -

My husband Gunnar O. Svalland and I formerly Patricia Ann Stork went to P.S. 102, between 71st and 72nd Street on Ridge Blvd. and we both graduated from Ft. Hamilton High School, Class of 1953. My husband grew up on 70th Street between Ridge Blvd. and Colonial Road and I lived at 6735 Ridge Blvd. We were married in 1957, staying in Brooklyn for six more years before moving up to Rockland County in New York. My husband's parents were born in Norway. His mother Ingrid was from Mandal and his father Gunnar was from Kristiansand S. My husband Gunnar attended Good Shephard Lutheran Church on Fourth Avenue and 75th Street and I attended Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Ovington Avenue. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us. We are looking forward to attending our 50th reunion at Ft. Hamilton in 2003. We have attended several reunions for P.S. 102 Class of 1949.
Patricia Ann Svalland <>
Pearl River, NY USA -

New York - my favourite city, where I worked in 1961 to 1962 for Look Magazine, 488 Madison Avenue. Very interesting assignments and nice American colleagues. I visited many Norwegian clubs while I was there together with museums. Met quite a few Norwegians who lived in New York.
Inger Elisabeth Larssen <>
Asker, Norway -

Just found this site by accident...I've been looking for anything about a Charles Bardsen or Norma Marion Bardsen...she was born in NY 12/21/1917...Charles was her father...her mother died when she was 5 or 6...she was later adopted by a family in Mom, Norma passed away last year and I would love to find out more about her ancestery!
Judy Nelson Johnson <>
Hilton Head Is. , SC USA -

Greetings! I am very pleased to report that the new book, "Oleana: The Ole Bull Colony," will be available for shipment on or about July 17. Many thanks to all of those who supported and assisted me in this massive research project. The book will be available in time for the Labor Day Weekend celebration of the Ole Bull Colony Sesquicentennial in Pennsylvania, which will feature Arve Tellefsen and Liv Ullman. I suggest that you monitor our website,, if interested and we'll post updates on the developments with the celebration. Book orders are available through the website, too, or via mail at: Knox Books, 407 Mill Street, Coudersport PA 16915. Cost is $12.95 plus $2.00 shipping. Knox Books is anxious to bring this title to the attention of interested folks in the U.S. and Norway. I'm very pleased to report that reviewers are saying nice things about this book and its 32-page photo section. Please forward this to anyone who might be interested in purchasing the book. Feel free to call me or email me if you would like to know more. Thanks again for your interest, support and/or assistance. Paul W. Heimel Author, "Oleana: The Ole Bull Colony" c/o Knox Books 407 Mill Street Coudersport PA 16915 Phone: 814-274-6329 Fax 814-260-3792 Email: Website:
Paul W. Heimel <>
Coudersport, PA USA -

I lived in New York in 1961 to 1962 and worked for Look Magazine, 488 Madison Avenue. Great and interesting assignments and many nice Amercian colleagues. Super memories from my stay in New York - what a city!! You can't beat it!
Inger Elisabeth Larssen <>
Asker, NORWAY -

This is a great site. I will def. urge the member of the Danish Mother's Group in the New York Area to go here one day. Char.
Charlotte <>

My relative Carl Gustaf Theodore Olson was a painter. Family tradition records that he once painted murals in a church on 490 Pacific Street but we don't know exactly when. His granddaughter(?) Evelyn left Brooklyn in 1944 with her husband, and has some small photos. The family would like to know if they are still there. I am descended from Carl's brother Magnus Olson, through his son John and his son Albert (1940-).
Erik Olson <>
Franklin, WI -

I was born in 1943 and grew up on 80th and 7th. Went to PS 127, McKinley and Ft.Hamilton. Some of my fondest memories are being a member of the Viking Junior Band 1957 - 1961. We marched in every May 17th parade, greeted ships of the Norwegian Line, played at Wagner College and the life boat races on the narrows. I played baritone horn along with Solveg Wald. Other members I remember - Stanley Eike on trombone, George Gassick on tuba,and Don MacPherson on clarinet. Our leader was Mr. Barton. Loved those blue wool pants and the blue and red cape (except on hot days) I will look in my old stuff to see if I can find any programs and pictures that might be of interest to the museum. I was back in Brooklyn last fall and the change to 8th avenue is unbelievable! - we ate at one of the Chinese restaurants - the food was good but it couldn't compare to Lund's bakery after church on sunday morning - Oh that fresh limpa and bolla.....
Ray Johnson <>
Wappingers Falls, NY USA -

Great site -- my great grandparents were Swedish and came over in the 1880's through Ellis Island. Love your site, Nicely done!
Britney Free <>
Newark, NJ usa -

I was born in Bay Ridge and still live in Brooklyn. I am proud of my heritage and very happy to know it stands strong in Brooklyn.
Darlene <>
Brookyln, NY USA -

GREAT SITE! Were Swedish American New Yorkers Since August 19,1881 Trevlig Dag!

Thanks for your website. Can someone tell me how I can get in contact with Nordisk Tidende newspaper. It may not be published in Norwegian anymore but my wife's uncle would love to read it anyway. I would like to subscribe for him......he's 89 years old. Willy Baardsen is his name. I was born in the Norwegian Hosp on 4th ave. and lived in brooklyn for a number of years before moving to STaten Island. Takk
Carl NIlsen <>
Lancaster, PA USA -

My brother Arnold is one of the forces behind the East Coast Museum. We have Norwegian parents of course..I have three daughters in Kristiansand myself. We are all proud to see this guest book filling up with some old, some familiar names.. By way of interest, how many of you know that America recently minted new silver dollars for a limited time only. Great collectors items depicting a viking and a viking ship to honor our ancestors. This is a large pure silver dollar similar to those we pick up once in a rare occassion from one hundred years ago. They are real U.S. coins and seldom seen by the public. I doubt anyone would ever spend one if they owned one. They were given little publicity but I am sure many would have liked to have gotten hold of one. Try contacting the U.S. Mint, they may still have some left. Good Luck, Med hilsen Maurice
Maurice (Reno) Bergman <>
New Hope, PA AMERICA !!! -

April 02:This is a real interesting site I was born and raised in Bay Ridge (82nd St. between 5th and 6th avenue). Went to PS 127, PS 259 and Ft. Hamilton High School. Attended the 59th Street Church were i was christened and confirmed. Moved back to Norway in 1976.
Sonja Anita (Egeland) Gundersen
Stavanger, Norway -

This is a real interesting site I was born and raised in Bay Ridge (82nd St. between 5th and 6th avenue). Went to PS 127, PS 259 and Ft. Hamilton High School. Attended the 59th Street Church were i was christened and confirmed. Moved back to Norway in 1976.
Sonja Anita (Egeland) Gundersen
Stavanger, Norway -

Ijust came upon this site by mistake and its great and i miss brooklyn greatly,I was born in Brooklyn in 1961, My Great grandpa Migrated to new york back in 1881! And i still have many siblings living their. I'm a proud Swede through and through! It's nice to see brooklyn is still going strong! Trevlig dag! T
William P Sandstrom <>

My parents, Ellinor & Einar Barth came from Norway. I live in upstate NY but was born & lived in Bayridge for 14 yrs. I went to PS 102 & McKinley Jr. High School. I also attended Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. I came upon this site by accident and am very glad I did.
Ruth (Barth) MacDonald <>

I want to contribute to this important project. Great website. History of the heart. <3
Jeanne Eriksson Widman <>
Baldwin, NY USA -

Those of us who were lucky to be born and raised in Scandinavian-Bay Ridge were truly blessed. I am more than happy to contribute to the fruition of this museum as it's part of MY history too. How many of you took accordion lessons from my father Walter Eriksson? Remember Scandinavian Echoes the radio show every Saturday morning? This is important to the history of New York and America. C'mon those of you with Bay Ridge in your heart or maybe you're still there -- help the Museum become a living reality forever. See you at the parade. I'm the one with the accordion on my chest :-) - 9th annual Walter Eriksson Musikfest Memorial Day Weekend WELCOME! Also, visit for FHHS Reunion Class of 68.
Jeanne Eriksson Widman <>
Baldwin, NY USA -

08 FEB 02 - I am looking for history of the 300 block of Senator Street in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. If anyone has any memories of this block, please contact me. Thanks Ronald Gross
Ronald Gross <>
Brooklyn, NY USA -

Feb. 3, 2002 Good to see this site. I was born at the Norwegian Hospital, grew up at 5th and 81st (mostly), and belonged to troop 109 in Sunset Park Norwegian American Methodist Episcopal Church (whew!). In those days, the sermon was held in Norwegian every other Sunday. I've been living in Norway most of my life, but two of my kids have settled in the States. Seeing the exhibit at Ellis Island in 2000 brought back my childhood: the Norwegian Art & Craft Club (my mother did a lot of rosemaling), Sons of Norway, Nordisk Tidende... Time races on, the community changes, but each generation looks back to life as it "used to be," and that needs documentation. Victoria and the others ? Great work!
Elsa Waagenes Udbj?rg <>
Oslo, Norway -

Hi, I grew up at 450 95th st in Bay Ridge. Left for Norway in 1957, 12 years old. My parents Laura & Jens were both Norwegians. Baptized in Norw. Seamens Church, Sunday school + scouts 47. st. trinity church. Yep, keep up this good work, feel free to send me an email. John
John Glattetre <>
Horten, Norway -

Nice web site. Keep up the good work. My sister and I were Norwegian Children's Home residents, late 40s to early 50's. Zion was our church while at NCH. Trinity was our home church prior to and after NCH. We marched in many a May 17th Parade. Brooklyn Tech grad. Lived in midwest for a number of years and lived 5+ years in western Pacific (2+ with USN). Have lived in Mississippi for 18+ years and love the hot/humid weather. Beste Hilsen.
Thomas L. Loland <>
Brandon, MS USA -

Nov. 8th, 2001 - Love the site, I grew in the Norwegian Childrens Home between 1956 and 1962 - would enjoy any contact. I'll send along some selected photos for you to choose to add to your Gallery, if you so wish. I'm also looking for anyone who knew August Anton Olsen, father of Kenneth and Robert Olsen. During WWII he played an essential part in the hard water nuclear plant destruction. Keep up the good work - very much appreciated for all of us Scandinavians.
Karen (Olsen) Blom <>

11-01 Thank you for this great site. I hope to find other old (I really MEAN old!) contacts will discover this site. Who can forget growing up hearing Norwegian spoken on 8th avenue, and considering it helt almindelig? (Please use a date/year when you write so we know when a msg is new.) So I repeat, mange takk!
Lillian Wilson <>
Clinton, MD 20735 -

Da jeg var i Brooklyn i sommer p? ferie, fikk jeg kjennskap til Deres arbeid med et museum, veldig bra tiltak, ikke gi opp. Jeg vet at Elsa og Kristian Willumsen som er min familie er blant drivkreftene. STAA PAA !!!!!!!!
Walter Willumsen <>
Lyngdal, Norway -

Greetings from Stavanger, especially to my niece Odette Larsen,
Svein Magne Larsen
Stavanger, Norway -

Hi: My friend Ken Kristiansen alerted me to this site. I grew up in Brooklyn,Belonged to Trnity 46th Street, Confirmed there in 1945, was Scoutmaster of Troop 117, and woked at Kins County Trust Company while going to School at Wagner College, Staten Island. Got my degree wih overseas medal because I took two ferrys and four buses each day to get to school and work. My Father and mothere were Anton and Ingrid Furreboe, from Bergen and Olso respetively. Anton Furreboe was President of the Norwegian Engineers Society. (They used to have a meeting place at 86th Street & 5th Avenue, top floor. He was also Master of Norseman Lodge F&AM that met on 69th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenue. He Immigrated to the US in 1923 through Ellis Island. Ingrid Furreboe worked at the University of Oslo and translated material on early X Ray discoveries from German to Norwegian and English. During WW II Ingrid served as a Civilian Defense person, Anton designed power plants for the many ships that were built at taht time. After the war he worked on the Atomic power plant for the Nautilis submarne. He was close friends with Bernt Balken and Finn Ronne, Norwegian American Artic and Antartic explorers.
Robert (Bob) J. Furreboe <>
Arlington Heights, IL USA -

Greetings from Sotuhern California. Grew up (50s to the 70s) in Brooklyn right by Lapskaus Blvd. Came back to visit the old neighborhood and found that it was gone. I stood there with tears in my eyes. Glad that people like you want to preserve the history that would otherwise die with us. Lykke til videre med arbeidet. Erling Dugan
Erling Dugan <>

So glad to touch base with our roots. Thank you. SKOL
Elena Karen Vatistas <>
Clearwater, FL USA -

Love your site. A friend told me about it. So since i have friends and family in NY, i had to visit your site. R.L.
Raymond Lunde <>
Kristiansand, Norway -

Thank you to Victoria, Arnie and the S.E.C.M for providing us with a wonderful afternoon on Saturday, April 7th. It was great seeing the young people do their may pole dance and then coloring Easter eggs with them. You folks are very special. Check out pictures taken that day on our website. Thanks again!
Norwegian Christian Home Residents <>
Brooklyn, NY U.S.A. -

I have heard a lot about this site, so I just had to stop by and see for myself. I have lived in New York for a few years and have a lot of family there, so this is very interesting to read. Keep up the good work!
Jennifer Lynn Bergman Henriksen <>
Kristiansand, Norway -

Just wanted to remind you all that this year we are celebrating our 50th 17th of May Parade here in Brooklyn and I hope to see many of you there on May 20th. The parade starts at 1:00pm that day from 87th Street and 5th Ave. and goes along 5th Ave to the reviewing stand at 67th Street and 6th Ave. If you would like to march this year but don't have a group to march with yet...please join our seniors at the Norwegian Christian Home who will once again be marching this year. There will be a 17th of May Church Rally held at Trinity Lutheran Church on Sat., May 5th at are invited to join us at this event as well.
Peter Bredholt <>
Brooklyn, NY U.S.A. -

It is great to see the website up and functioning. In viewing the gallery, I saw a picture of the tea shop at 44th and 4th. Does anyone remember the Koffee Kabin on 4th Avenue in the 60s near Bay Ridge High School? I remember eating dinner there in the 40s and 50s.
Lois Berseth Hedlund <>
Brooklyn, NY USA -

Loved the web site! THANK YOU for seeing a dream through to reality, and not giving up.
Heidi Russel <>
Staten Island, NY -

I, too, am so pleased to see the Scandinavian heritage honored here in Bay Ridge where they gave so much. Keep up the good work and hopefully all of us SLACKERS will get on the ball and help out.
Nancy Dominy <>

I just had to check out this site, I have heard so much about it from so many people. Great Job! It looks wonderful! Keep up the good work, we are with you 100% Arlene and Helene
Arlene Bakke Rutuelo <>
Brooklyn, NY 11209 -

GOOD JOB! Keep up the good work!
Peter Bredholt (Norwegian Christian Home) <>
Brooklyn, NY USA -

Well it is nice to see a web site of the Museum. Even if it takes awhile before the museum is established in its own building, at least you now have sort of an on line museum for people to look at. Since I was unable to see the cerimony/celibration of the Viking Sail 2000 it would be nice if you could post a few photos of the event. I look forward to when I can see the reproduction rune that I donated in museums new building. Good luck with the construction. Sincerely Ray Hartenstine Celtic-Viking Artist
Ray Hartenstine <>
Providence, RI -

Great job by Jackie creating this site. I know it's only a week old so it's still growing. I anticipate additional historical info, photos and also entries in guest book by former Bay Ridge Brooklynites.
Arnie Bergman <>
Brooklyn, NY -

Greetings from a Brooklyn Dane!
Jackie Lund
Brooklyn, NY USA -

I am the son of Doris (Andersen) Pierson and was born in Bay Ridge in 1952, though I was raised and presently reside in New Jersey. I was intrigued by the photos and historical info and am so very glad that this site exists to preserve this unique heritage and pass it on to future generations.
Jack Chadwick <>
Rockaway, NJ -

How wonderful that their will be a place honoring the Scandinavians who came here so many years ago. Bay Ridge holds a special place in my heart. I have been on the website for the Danish Museum out West but it is nice to know there will be one here.
Doris Andersen Pierson <>
Pocono Pines, Pa 18350 -

Great to see some of our heritage brought to the public attention.
Robert Lund <>
Brooklyn, NY US -


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